What is Landlight?
Landlight is a fee-based service offered by LandEZ, located in Logan, UT. Landlight allows multiple users in a single organization to access land records information simultaneously, either from work, or from a home computer. Users can search through county records by address, owner, official records, brief legals or map index. After the search, users can access as many records as they want, with the opportunity to view images of official records. New document images generated at the county are posted to Landlight.
What is the purpose of Landlight?
Subscribed counties keep record of all land transactions within county boundaries. Each county keeps maps and databases with data describing each property for appraisal, and value estimates. The real estate industry including mortgage and title companies require this kind of information. They need to know who owns what property and if taxes have been paid.
How can I try the service out?
New users can request a trial subscription to experience first-hand Landlight's resources.