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A: Go to the contact page at and communicate with a Landlight representitive or use the form on the left side of this page.
A: Every time you search the database for information, you "hit" our servers. So, if you were to type J Doe in the Parcel Owner Search screen, that query would be sent to our server, creating a "hit" and then send back all of the parcel owners similar to John Doe. Each search as well as reports and abstracts are considered hits. In short, each time you make a query to our server by typing information through a search screen, or click a link to be shown information on screen, you are "hitting" our server.
A: We've posted a complete list of charges for hits. Go to the rates page and scroll to the bottom.
A: No. We won’t penalize you for trial and error.
A: No, each hit is charged to your account in addition to your monthly subscription fee. So, if you did two name searches one month and you were a subscriber to Plan One paying $100 a month, you would pay $100.24. Note: If you only did two searches and were on Plan One, it would be in your best interest to switch to Plan Two.
A: Some data on may be as current as 1 hour old. Other data may be as current as 1 week. It depends on how often the each county or state makes the data available. We update all data as soon as it is available to us.
A: You can compare data with the data at the county or contact us if you think it is a problem at our end.