• Landlight provides users with a broad array of services including;

  • Abstract information
  • Brief legal search
  • Parcel Owner search
  • Parcel Address search
  • Grantor/Grantee information
  • Tax and back tax summary
  • Greenbelt information
  • Acreage and sq. ft. info
  • Map Index search
  • Court Case Searches
  • Court Document Images
  • Sales Affidavits

    Landlight.com is Convenient, Easy to Use, and Reliable
    Since Landlight is Internet based, you can access county data anywhere you have an Internet connection. And, while many systems require single users to dial directly into the county's computer, Landlight enables multiple users in your organization to access data simultaneously.
    We maintain each county’s data to be as up-to-date and accurate as possible. Landlight.com also provides a team of support staff and technicians to answer questions and quickly respond to your needs.
    Two Subscription Plans
    • Plan 1: $100 per month plus $.15 per hit.
    • Plan 2: $15 per month plus $.45 per hit.
    • These charges only apply if you use the service in any given month. If you don't use Landlight.com you won't be billed.
    • For more on Subscription Plans and rates go to the rates page.
    Subscribing is Easy!
    Because of the sensitive nature of the data on this site you must be authorized by your organization to subscribe to Landlight.com.
    If you are authorized by your organization to subscribe to Landlight.com, please choose one below.
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