Brian Marble

General Manager

LandEZ Inc.

435 787 9003

July 23, 2018


In a recent meeting of Cache County elected officials and IT staff members it was decided that the County would not contract for the resale of our data as we have done in the past. The reasons we have made this decision are listed below:

Cache County wishes to be the sole provider of property/parcel data supplied to the public. Being such insures that no conflicting interpretation of complex data structures can exist among separate and disconnected systems, and insures that any and all data presented to the public has been properly vetted through and authorized by the appropriate County official(s) prior to being provided to any third party.

Being the sole County data provider insures that data access costs are minimized by following a non-profit cost recovery model, which saves tax payer money and lessens tax burdens. Allowing commercial resale of our data would increase County IT support requirements necessary to accommodate outside access, and would split the end user community among multiple application programs; thus reducing County cost recovery capabilities.

Security involving access to County networks, servers and databases is currently and constantly being monitored, fortified and revised; to include physical and virtual access methods. A single County source for public data access aligns well with ongoing security efforts and projects. Devising alternate means for third party access would detract from and oppose County efforts to improve County IT security and restrict outside access.

As of 12:00 am on August 22, 2018 access by Landlight employees/systems to Cache County infrastructure will be removed, as specified in the recent contract cancellation. County data will no longer be available for 3rd party resale purposes, and the County requests the removal of any previously purchased or otherwise acquired County data from LandEZ managed systems and storage.

We have appreciated the working relationship that the County has had with your organization and wish you the best in all of your future business endeavors.


Craig W Buttars

Cache County Executive

435 755 1850